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Japanese Tanto - Intermediate Forging



The Tanto is one of the three Japanese blades that were traditionally worn by the samurai class of feudal Japan. Although originally designed as a weapon, over the years the Tanto evolved to become a beautiful work of art. It is the shortest of the three blades with a single or double edge measuring in length between six and 12 inches long.
In this three-day class, students will be introduced to the history and variety of styles of the traditional Tanto blade.
Each student will
- Forge their blade in one of the many varieties of Tanto blade types from 1095 high carbon steel.
- Make a traditional wooden sheath and handle from the provided selection of hardwoods with a metal spacer and pin.
- Grind their blade smooth.
- Paint the blade with refractory cement prior to hardening .
- Heat treat their finished blade in order to create a hamon-line from differential hardening.
This is an intermediate to advanced bladesmithing class requiring considerable knowledge of bladesmithing and finishing in order to complete this project in the allotted time.
January 21 Friday 6 PM -9 PM
January 22-23 Saturday & Sunday 12 noon-5 PM
January 24 Monday 6 PM - 9 PM if needed.

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Japanese Tanto - Intermediate Forging


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Cancellation Policy: Since most of our workshops book up months in advance...If you must, please only cancel or reschedule 72 hours prior to your appointment out of courtesy to people on our wait-lists. Inside of the 72 hour window we reserve the right not to refund or reschedule. Thank you for your understanding

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