March 7 - 21 RAKU Clay Course


To celebrate the addition of our new, dedicated ceramics studio at the Guild,
We are proud to introduce a highly sought after RAKU course.
What is RAKU? A type of low-firing process that was inspired by traditional Japanese raku firing. Western-style raku usually involves removing pottery from the kiln while it's still glowing hot and placing it into containers with combustible materials. Once the materials ignite, the containers are closed. This produces an intense reduction atmosphere which affects the colors in glazes and clay bodies. The drastic thermal shock also produces crackling of certain glazes. Because of the varying direction of the flames and materials, no two pieces will ever look alike.
Go from being a complete beginner to making and firing beautiful RAKU Clay pottery in 2 weeks!
In this 4 session 2 week long course students will learn the fundamentals of working with clay. Each student will create multiple pieces of pottery with raku clay during the initial session. (Saturday, March 7, 11 AM - 3 PM or 5 PM) Feel free to bring lunch and/or snacks with you.
The finished pieces will be bisque fired during the next week and will be ready to be glazed on March 18 and/or 19 (630 PM - 9 PM on both days) Students will be able to experiment with a variety of glazes.
The spectacular firing will take place on Saturday, March 21, 11 AM - 4 PM (Multiple firings will take place throughout the day, exact time will be scheduled with each student) Students will be able to take home their creations the same day!
Schedule :
Saturday, March 7, 11 AM - 3 PM (Students may stay till 5 PM to continue working) Feel free to bring a snack or a sandwich and take breaks.
Tuesday, March 18, 630 PM - 9 PM Glazing Session
Thursday, March 19, 630 PM - 9 PM Glazing Session
Saturday, March 21 11 PM - 4 PM Raku Firings
No prior experience is necessary! All tools and materials will be provided.

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March 7 - 21 RAKU Clay Course


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205 NW 16th St, Pompano Beach, Florida, USA


Cancellation Policy: Since most of our workshops book up months in advance...If you must, please only cancel or reschedule 72 hours prior to your appointment out of courtesy to people on our wait-lists. Inside of the 72 hour window we reserve the right not to refund or reschedule. Thank you for your understanding



205 NW 16th St
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