October 16-24 Metal Lathe & Mill Seminar



In this 4 Session long immersive introductory course, students will learn about the safe and proper operation of a metal cutting lathe and mill. We will learn in depth about materials, the basics of work holding, tooling, and students will have an opportunity to try their hands at turning, facing, drilling, and countersinking operations.
During each session we will explore different, exciting topics and expand on knowledge previously acquired.
Speeds and feeds, metrology, thread cutting, taper turning, reaming, shaft fit tolerances, and understanding part design and its relationship to order of operations. As well as the use of insertable cutters, tool holders, tapping basics, collets, chucks, mounting of work pieces, basic cutter tool sharpening, and other tooling will be discussed or demonstrated.

$145/Session ($580/Course)

Sunday, October 16, 4PM - 9PM
Monday, October 17, 6PM - 9PM
Sunday, October 23, 4PM - 9PM
Monday, October 24, 6PM -9PM

***Please note, use of the Lathe and Milling equipment in our studio, outside of this seminar and other advanced courses are reserved to skilled Master level members only, who have taken this course as a minimum prerequisite and demonstrated the level of skill and proficiency required to safely operate the machinery! ***

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October 16-24 Metal Lathe & Mill Seminar


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205 NW 16th St, Pompano Beach, Florida, USA


Cancellation Policy: Since most of our workshops book up months in advance...If you must, please only cancel or reschedule 72 hours prior to your appointment out of courtesy to people on our wait-lists. Inside of the 72 hour window we reserve the right not to refund or reschedule. Thank you for your understanding

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