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Private Forging Workshop - ERIN



During this 3 hour one on one workshop you will receive an unabridged version of our Most popular 5 hour introducton to blacksmithing group workshop.This comprehensive beginners’ program is the prerequisite to all intermediate workshops we offer, including our beginner- bladesmithing courses!! During this workshop we will teach you fundamental blacksmithing skills. You will learn about safety in a metal workshop, basic metallurgy, proper hammer-technique and 5 of the 9 traditional forging techniques . (The remaining 4 techniques are covered in our intermate level, traditional joinery course) With these skills you will taper, scroll and twist glowing hot metal into a decorative and useful hook. But don’t let the simple appearing project fool you! It will challenge you in ways you didn’t imagine possible and at the same time it will teach you all you need, to prepare you for more advanced projects in the future.

Wednesday, June 12 , 6 PM-9 PM

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Private Forging Workshop - ERIN


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Tel: 19549983473




205 NW 16th St, Pompano Beach, Florida, USA


Cancellation Policy: Since most of our workshops book up months in advance...If you must, please only cancel or reschedule 72 hours prior to your appointment out of courtesy to people on our wait-lists. Inside of the 72 hour window we reserve the right not to refund or reschedule. Thank you for your understanding

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