Frequently asked questions

Do I have to have a Membership to take your classes, workshops or courses?

No. Guild Membership is essentially "Studio Time for Self Guided Work". In order to get a Membership you have to take at least the Intro Class in the subject(s) you'd like to pursue. You can take classes with us without ever becoming a "Member"

How do I become a Guild Member?

Being a "Guild Member" is different than being a "Site Member" Site Members can log in and manage their bookings online, store forms of payments etc.. Guild members are returning students who pay a Monthly Membership fee to use our facilities for self-guided work during open studio/open forge hours. Once you took a class with us you may inquire about becoming a member in that medium. Our Faculty and Staff can provide you the enrollment information and paperwork.

Can I register my Child who is under 18 years old for your Adult Classes?

Short answer: No.. We have serious reasons for the age limit that goes beyond safety, liability and physical ability considerations. We specifically developed Youth Programs for children aged 12-17 for these very reasons! Please check out these programs under the Youth Programs tab. But my child is really big and tall and athlethic!! : Sorry No. But my child is obsessed with "Forged in Fire" and he wants to become a blacksmith!!: The answer is Still No! How about if I or my significant other will sign up with my child : No, really sorry.. Long answer: Besides the liability and safety considerations.. our adult classes are designed with adults in mind. They are longer and physically very demanding even for grown men/women. We want everyone to have a great time, especially your child! If we toss him/her in a group of adults where he/she will struggle to keep up your child will hate this experience. The adults in the class will have to wait for your child to complete each step before everyone can move on, which will slow the class considerably and effects everyone else's experience... We have no way of screening the adult students your child would be surrounded by. Our Youth Programs are specifically designed with kids in mind. The projects are more exciting to them and broken down into bite-sized portions. A typical 12-17 year old gets tired and looses focus after three hours of straight learning, hammering etc.. Thank you for your understanding!

Can I bring someone to your Date Nite events who is under 21?

NO! As a BYOB event our Wine-Down Forging Nite (and other BYOB events) is strictly for participants over 21 years of age! Even if we don't drink? : YES Thank you for your understanding!

I have a Gift Card or Voucher How do I register?

Please send us an e-mail to with the following information: - Students Full name - Contact phone Number - Email address (where you'd like the confirmation sent) - Gift Card Number or Voucher Number - Desired Date and Workshop name Once we receive this information (as long as the desired workshop is not sold out) we will send you a confirmation e-mail. Otherwise we will offer you the next available date. The confirmation e-mail sometime ends up in your spam folder. We kindly ask you check there before contacting us again. (You may search for sender e-mail: Please note, our confirmation email is automated and goes out instantly upon registering you for a class, therefore it will show the full amount due . Please disregard that amount as we will have your gift card or voucher in lieu of payment. Please bring the card or voucher with you to the class. We are looking forward to meeting you soon!

What Should I Wear and Bring with me?

Did you read your confirmation e-mail? Ok, We'll repeat it.. just for you :) For blacksmithing, welding, casting (foundry), glass-working (flame-working)
Please wear:
- closed toed shoes (Boots preferred),
- long pants made of natural fabric (Denim, Cotton)
- cotton t-shirt
- bring a long sleeve shirt with you FOR the WELDING WORKSHOP ONLY! No long sleeves are needed for blacksmithing

***DO NOT WEAR anything NYLON or POLYESTER!!! Since you will be working near open flames *** We have all safety gear available but due to the pandemic situation YOU MIGHT CONSIDER not sharing and rather bringing the following safety gear of your own: Blacksmithing Classes:
- Face shield and soft leather gloves
Although gloves are not mandatory for adults, nonetheless it can protect beginner, softer, more sensitive hands. Bladesmithing Classes:
- Face shield, Respirator, Welding Classes:
- Welding helmet (if you have one)
- Welding gloves Again we do have all these safety gear on hand and available to you. We also regularly sanitize them. But to provide the best service and to prioritize everyone's outmost safety we wanted to provide the above list in case you prefer to bring your own personal safety equipment. We provide complimentary chilled bottled water. For classes 5 hours or longer you might want to bring a snack or a sandwich to keep up energy levels. Date-nite workshops (That are particularly advertised as such ) will have light hors d'oeuvres (Cheese & crackers, dips etc..) provided. (Pandemic safe, packaged individually or per couple) 21+ BYOB workshops : You may bring your favorite adult beverage and snacks ( No hard liquor please! ) For classes held in our air-conditioned classrooms :
Jewelry making,
resin-art & cosplay etc..
no specific outfit is required. Closed toed shoes recommended. Wear something comfy that you don't mind getting dirty. Besides the engaging and entertaining instructors,
we provide all tools and materials.

What's your Cancellation/Reschedule Policy?

To prioritize the safety of our community, our cancellation policy has been modified.
If you need to cancel your enrollment at any time up to the day of your scheduled workshop you will receive a full refund minus a $30 processing fee. We are happy to reschedule you once at no charge. The second time a $30 reschedule fee will apply.
This policy is intended to provide maximum flexibility so that everyone can prioritize health and safety free from financial considerations. Last-minute cancellations do present a financial hardship for The Guild, though, so we ask that you please communicate with as much notice as possible if your plans are disrupted. Please call or e-mail us for assistance if you need to cancel or reschedule.
Also, please note it takes a minimum of 4 students for a workshop to go forward. If less than 4 students sign up, we reserve the right to cancel/refund or reschedule for a later date.
Thank you for your understanding


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